Collaborating with Magik

Magik*Magik exists to offer artists of all stripes the chance to work with orchestral musicians and composers.

We pride ourselves on making artists feel at ease, engaged, and most of all, inspired by their experience working with the orchestra.

To date we have worked with bands, singer songwriters, producers, authors, illustrators, concert composers, event producers, brides, grooms, festival coordinators, museums, galas, video game producers, children's camps, choreographers, teachers, computer programmers and designers. 2/3 of our collaborators to date had never worked with an orchestra before working with Magik*Magik. 

If you have a project or event you are interested in incorporating Magik*Magik into, please email us at to be connected with one of our staff.


How it Works

All Magik projects start with a conversation with us about your music needs.  We’ll ask you questions about the scope of your project, like how large an ensemble you’d like to have, how many songs you’d like to work on, and if you require any composition help (i.e. arrangements).  Based on that information, we will craft a budget quote tailored specifically to your project.  

If you would like to hire an arranger from Magik, we will happily pair you with one and make sure that they guide you through the arranging process with care and on schedule. Additionally, Magik will create a project schedule for you, book rehearsal space, hire and communicate with musicians, notate sheet music, bring printed parts to the session or concert, and provide everything the musicians will need, including stands, pencils, stand lights, and food. In short: we take care of all the planning details attached to your project so that you can focus on the music.

Magik recording sessions require a session conductor, who acts as liaison between artist, engineer, and players, plus makes sure everything runs on time. With the exception of major-label union sessions, everything we do is work-for-hire. 

Magik*Magik Rates

Your project budget will depend on the number of musicians or composers your project requires and the number of songs/hours you require them for. We will work closely with you to craft budget that works for you and also works for our musicians so that everyone gets something great out of the experience. 

For recording sessions, our musicians and conductors cost $100/hr per musician with a 2 hour minimum for any project. We require a conductor for every recording session to maximize the time booked with the ensemble.

For live concerts, musician fees will be determined based on the number of rehearsals required and the length of the call on the performance day. Musician fees for live concerts start at $175 per musician for a performance with a short day-of rehearsal and go up according to the special needs of the client.

If you would like help composing and notating sheet music, you will need to hire an arranger. Arrangement fees vary depending on song length and intricacy from $200/song to $600/song depending on how many instruments require parts and how many rounds of revisions are required. PDFs of all arrangements are given to the artists at the end of the project.